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at The Middesbrough Theatre

Opens Thurs 8th December 2016 runs until Sun 8th Jan 2017

Ricky Groves "Abanazar"

Scott Gallagher "Wishee Washee"

Andy Moss    "Aladdin"

Shaun Prendergast "Widow Twanky"

Chidi Ajufo "The Genie of the Lamp"

Terry Ashe

"Emperor of China"

"Peter Pan"

at Stockport Plaza

Opens Friday 2nd Dec 2016 runs until Sunday 8h Jan 2017

John Altman "Captain Hook"

Jamie Jukes "Peter Pan"

Becky Bennett

"Wendy Darling"

Bradley Thompson

"Mr Smee"

Shelley Anne Rivers "Queen of the Mermaids"

John Churnside "Mrs Smee"

Eva Crawford "Princess Balroubadour"

Lucia Matisse

 "Fairy of the Ring"

Daniel Farmer "John Darling"

Nathan Zammit "Michael Darling"

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