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We proudly announce our

 SEASON 2017 / 2018 SHOWS

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"


at the Middlesbrough Theatre

Opens December 8th 2017 until January 14th 2018



Shaun Prendergast - "Nurse Glucose"

John Archer - "Muddles the Jester"

Terry Ashe - "Huntsman / King"

Robert Bardsley - "Prince Rupert"


Fergus Rattigan - "Moody"

Jack Hilton - "Smiley"

George Coppen - "Brainy"

Ben Holmes - "Dozey"

Karen Anderson - "Tisha"

Denise Dove - "Snoozy"

Bernadette Windsor - "Goopy"




at the Plaza Stockport

Opens December 1st 2017 until January 7th 2018







Bradley Thompson - "Wishee Washee"

Becky Bennett - "Princess Balroubador"

Benjamin Conner - "Aladdin"

Darren Lake - "Emperor of China"

Chidi Ajufo - "Genie of the Lamp"

Lucia Matisse - "Fairy of the Ring"

Adele Silva

"Snow White"

Denna Payne  

"Wicked Queen Morgana"

Ted Robbins 

"Widow Twanky"

Brian Capron


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